Previous Conferences

2013 Jönköping Sweden

18th Eur Conference on Reading

New Challenges - New Literacies 6-9 August 2013

Last August about 300 educators from around the world were gathered in Jönköping for the 18th European Conference on Reading.  Presentations, in plenary as well as parallel sessions, were characterised by a high degree of professionalism.

Look for uploaded presentations on the IDEC webbsite.

2010 Tampere / Tammerfors

FinRA hosted a seminar in Tampere on October 26th “Versatile literacy – a key to participation”. The key note address was by PhD Pirjo Kulju, University of Tampere. The sessions reflected FinRA’s role bridging research and practice.

2010 Turku/Åbo

Чтение в обучении │ Literacy Skills – for Learning”


Conference proceedings available online
Proceedings of the 2nd Baltic Sea Reading Conference - 15th Nordic Reading Conference Click and read!

2009 Jyväskylä

Tekstitaidot ja uudet teknologiat │ New literacies │ Reading and writing with new technologies” FinRA seminar in collaboration with the University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Education

2008 Tampere/Tammerfors

"Huomisen tekstitaidot │ Literacy för i morgon │ For the Learner"

FinRA 40th Anniversary Seminar in collaboration with

University of Tampere, Department of Teacher Education

2007 Hämeenlinna/Tavastehus

”Literacy curriculum and Individualised teaching”

FinRA–EstRA seminar hosted by Teacher Training School,

University of Tampere, Hämeenlinna Campus

2003 Tampere/Tammerfors

”Luovuus ja taito opetuksessa │ Kreativitet och färdighet i undervisningen”

FinRA seminar hosted by Tammerfors svenska samskola