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The 18th Nordic Literacy Conference

the 70th anniversary − &

the 21st European Conference on Literacy

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UKLA 55th International Conference, July 2019, Sheffield: Literacy and Play:
improvisation, possibility and imagination
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The 4th international conference Thinking, doing, learning: Usage based perspectives on second language learning will be held in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, on June 17-19, 2019.>>>>>>>


Friday 8th & Saturday 9th November 2019


Literacy Association of Ireland 43rd Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

Spring Seminar

LAI spring seminar ‘Laying the foundation for early reading’ which will be facilitated by Jennifer O’Sullivan. It will take place in Marino Institute of Education on Thursday May 9th 2019 at 4.30pm. 


the XX European Literacy Conference

July 3-6, 2017. It was held at the Faculty of Education, Complutense University of Madrid.



3rd Baltic Sea – 17th Nordic Literacy Conference

 3. Itämeren konferenssi − 17. pohjoismainen lukemisen konferenssi
III конференция стран Балтийского моря
XVII конференция по чтению скандинавских стран

14.−16. elokuuta 2016 Turussa

Making meaning - literacy in action


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Sulkunen, Sari_Keynote>>>>>>>
Brozo, William G._Keynote>>>>>>

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International Literacy Association

Discover new teaching methods, materials, and tools to transform lives through literacy.

Call for Conference Proposals Extended

You now have until 9/12 to submit your proposal for the ILA 2017 Conference & Exhibits. With a theme of "Literacy Reimagined," the conference will showcase imagination and innovation in literacy education. Lend your voice to this ever-evolving conversation!

19th European Conference on Literacy 

in Klagenfurt, Österreich. Literacy in the New Landscape of Communication: Research, Education and the Everyday Klagenfurt, Austria, 13–16 July, 2015

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